Model # 07-CC-R

School of Fish (Right Facing) Wall Stickers

5 year limited warranty Clinton Kids
  • Tough, sticky-backed vinyl
  • Coordinates with Ocean Commotion cabinets and tables, and Merry Mermaids Scale Table
  • All fish face right except for Blue Fish which faces left

NOTE: Stickers are intended to be positioned once, and should not be repositioned after they are pressed firmly against the wall.
For best adhesion results, stickers should be applied to a surface painted with flat paint. Stickers may not adhere to non-marking paint or glossy painted surfaces.

Fish Right 2


Unit: Imperial Metric
07-CC-R School of Fish (Right Facing) Wall Stickers Width Height
Barracuda (approx.) 15" 4.5"
Blue Fish (approx.) 7" 5.5"
Red Fish (approx.) 7" 5.5"
Green Fish 1 (approx.) 11" 5"
Green Fish 2 (approx.) 10" 3.5"
Orange Fish (approx.) 6" 6.5"
Yellow Fish (approx.) 8" 6.5"
Barracuda (approx.) 38 cm 11 cm
Blue Fish (approx.) 18 cm 14 cm
Red Fish (approx.) 18 cm 14 cm
Green Fish 1 (approx.) 28 cm 13 cm
Green Fish 2 (approx.) 25 cm 9 cm
Orange Fish (approx.) 15 cm 17 cm
Yellow Fish (approx.) 20 cm 17 cm